LeAnna Gutierrez Cumber: Let’s Get Moving, Jacksonville

Officially Launches Campaign for Mayor Exactly One Year Away from Election Day

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Jacksonville City Council Member LeAnna Gutierrez Cumber officially launched her candidacy today for Jacksonville Mayor, exactly one year from the city’s next mayoral election. At her announcement event with over 100 supporters, she spoke about her record of fighting against a recently-passed six-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase by the City, and committed to finding innovative ways to grow without constantly burdening taxpayers.

“Jacksonville can get moving without it always coming at the expense of higher taxes,” Cumber said. “That is why I opposed the increased sales tax in 2019; and I opposed the doubling of the gas tax twice last year.”

Cumber said she is committed to taking action and enthusiastically repeated her campaign slogan “Let’s Get Moving” several times in her announcement. She said, “Let’s get moving by putting the dreams of all of us first. Let’s get moving by putting the growth of our city first. Let’s get moving to make this the greatest Southern city in our country. It is time to get moving; and that is why I am asking for your vote as the next Mayor of Jacksonville!”

Cumber also pledged transparency in office. She said, “The first thing I am committing to you, and I want you to hold me accountable on this, is transparency in office! I will always be open and honest with you – as well as straightforward, principled, and willing to build bridges.” She later added, “Cities flourish and succeed when there is trust in leadership and a shared vision of the future. And that trust means the leaders you elect are singularly focused on our mutual well-being.”

Highlighting Jacksonville’s remarkably diverse population and how she intends to make Jacksonville the greatest Southern city, she also said she would develop, “a thriving, vibrant downtown that acts as the centerpiece to hold together the diverse neighborhoods that make up the city.”

Cumber also highlighted her own record as a member of the City Council in working to Back the Blue and crackdown on human trafficking. She stressed the need for Jacksonville to prioritize improving public safety so there are no barriers to the city’s future growth. “In order to become great, we need to address the crime challenges in our city head-on,” said Cumber, who previously directed federal money to fill in funding gaps for SWAT teams that the city budget did not cover.

For more information on LeAnna Gutierrez Cumber’s campaign, please visit: LeAnnaforMayor.com


Twitter: @LeAnnaCumber

Facebook: @LeAnnaGutierrezCumber

Total Fundraising in JAX First Committee: More than $2 million, as of the end of Feb.

Cumber filed emergency legislation to REPEAL the City’s 6-cent per gallon gas tax increase in Dec. 2021 [Times-Union]

LeAnna Cumber was the winner of the 2021 EVE Award, rewarded for introducing legislation to fight sex trafficking in Jacksonville [Times-Union]

BIO: Council Member LeAnna Gutierrez Cumber was elected with no opposition to represent District 5 on the Jacksonville City Council in January 2019. She serves as a member of the Rules Committee and the Transportation, Energy & Utilities Committee. She holds this office until June 2023.

Among her highlights as a Council Member, LeAnna sponsored a city ordinance to prevent human trafficking in Jacksonville which is a center for human trafficking because of its location.

Additionally, she boldly presented legislation calling for the immediate closure and ban of all simulated gambling devices in response to the elevated crime rate in the city around internet cafes.

As the 12th largest city in the U.S., and the largest in Florida, LeAnna believes leaders in Jacksonville have the responsibility to take bold steps in putting their citizens first and to create new pathways for growth.