Read LeAnna’s Plan for How to Put Jacksonville First


Reducing Taxes on Jacksonville Families

With inflation rising higher and higher by the day, Jacksonville families are already stretched too thin. It’s hard to make ends meet. As a small business owner and mother, I know just how hard it is to balance a checkbook and stay on budget.

I led the opposition in 2021 when the current mayor proposed doubling the gas tax. The proposal included spending over $250 million on the downtown “skyway to nowhere,” an unnecessary expense for a monorail system nobody uses. I proposed repealing the tax increase in November 2021 because I believe local gas tax revenues should be spent on basic infrastructure the city has neglected for decades: fixing existing roads, building sidewalks, adding new lanes of traffic, and improving pedestrian safety. We have failed to keep up with growth and deliver the infrastructure needed for existing neighborhoods.

As mayor, I will work to roll back the gas tax hike and oppose tax hikes that hit working families the hardest, so you can put more of your hard-earned dollars back in your pocket. I understand that you know how to spend your money better than the government does.

For too long, we have seen our tax dollars spent on pet projects and boondoggles like the Skyway to Nowhere. I will ensure that tax dollars are spent responsibly and keep the government accountable with your money.


A Government That Works

For far too long, Jacksonville has been a city run by the few for the benefit of themselves. I’m going to change that. I’m a political outsider, and I’m not afraid to stand up to the special interests and the ‘good old boys club’ that are taking advantage of our tax dollars and putting themselves ahead of the larger community. I will be a mayor that gives a voice to ALL Jacksonville residents and makes sure we build a better city for everyone who wants to call Jax home – not the special interests. 

Public Safety

Keeping Jacksonville Families Safe

I believe the priority of government is to protect its citizens. On the Jacksonville City Council, I led the charge to pass legislation to combat human trafficking and increase funding for law enforcement. But there is much more work to be done to eliminate modern-day slavery from our streets. As mayor, I will always stand firmly with law enforcement to crack down on crime, make our city safer, fully fund our Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and work tirelessly to make our city the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I proudly Back the Blue.


Investing in Jacksonville

As a small business owner in the transportation space, I’ve signed both sides of a paycheck. That’s why I know the difference between spending money for the sake of spending money and having a long-term plan to maintain and improve our local transportation infrastructure. Unfortunately, our current Jacksonville leadership has squandered our tax dollars. Just take a look at the recent investments in the Skyway to Nowhere, the gas tax hikes, and our failure to address persistent flooding.

I will work to make smarter and more efficient investments in our infrastructure. I will work to ensure that we make all the infrastructure improvements and investments in parks and open spaces needed to be a first-class city by leveraging our local tax dollars. As mayor, I will audit how our tax dollars are spent, ensure a strong return on investment for planned projects, and create a comprehensive plan to address the infrastructure needs facing Jax. I’m the only candidate with a strong and consistent record of protecting your tax dollars and, as Mayor of Jacksonville, I will work to spend tax dollars wisely, instead of pushing a tax-and-spend agenda.

Our Schools

Prioritizing Jacksonville’s Children

As a mom of two kids and a former bilingual-education teacher, I know we have to give our children the best education possible. We must invest in our city’s children by empowering parents. I will support and defend the freedom of parents to select the best educational environment for their children. I fully embrace school choice and under my leadership, Jacksonville will be the most school-choice-friendly city in Florida. I strongly believe that a child’s zip code shouldn’t determine whether or not they receive a high-quality education and quality after-school programming. As mayor, I will also support funding for parks, recreation, and early childhood learning while ensuring parents are empowered to make the best decisions for their children.