LeAnna Cumber stretches cash lead among filed Jacksonville mayoral candidates

Daniel Davis looms, but Cumber stands her ground in crowded GOP lane.

Among the candidates who have opened campaign accounts for the 2023 Jacksonville mayoral race, Republican LeAnna Cumber holds a substantial fundraising lead.

Cumber expanded that edge over the other formally filed candidates in May. Between her campaign account and her JAX First political committee, the first-term City Council member raised over $135,000 last month and has north of $2.3 million on hand.

The leading Cumber donor exemplified the impressive national network enjoyed by the candidate and husband, Husein Cumber, with billionaire venture capitalist Riaz Valani donating $25,000 to the political committee.

Meanwhile, the Morgan and Morgan law firm contributed more than $18,000 in in-kind contributions related to fundraising events. Maloof Enterprises of Miami, another deep-pocketed entity, gave the campaign a maximum of $1,000.

City Council member Randy DeFoor and former Jacksonville Journey head W.C. Gentry donated $1,000 to the campaign account.

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