LeAnna Cumber Releases a Series of Video Interviews, Discussing Her Policy Positions on the Important Issues Facing Jacksonville

City Council Member LeAnna Cumber sat down with Quisha King to break down a range of topics important to Jacksonville voters including the necessity of transparency in Jacksonville government, combating human trafficking, and improving education. 

Cumber said, “Jacksonville voters deserve to know where their leaders stand on the issues that matter to them most. Transparency in office starts with letting the public know where you stand during a campaign. I did this seven-part video series to provide Jacksonville voters an in-depth look into my policy positions. As Mayor, I would be transparent and accessible, and I want my campaign to have those same strengths. Public service is a privilege. Not a right or an inheritance.”

Video Segments with LeAnna Cumber:

  1. Transparency: https://youtu.be/HDjXgeZTlmU
  1. LeAnna Day 1: https://youtu.be/n6gm-rvz13A
  1. Female Leadership: https://youtu.be/mTND9pummto
  1. Gas Tax: https://youtu.be/tDrQdMk_2VM
  1. Illegal Immigration: https://youtu.be/Og68JpsiPDM
  1. Human Trafficking: https://youtu.be/vS06JGGG2No
  1. Education: https://youtu.be/aeMtWACat7k