Councilmember Cumber spearheading new gas tax holiday legislation wants a year-long pause for Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville’s city council is getting closer to a new bill that would pause the city’s gas tax and save people five cents per gallon.

“Every little cents does help, it could be one to two to five, every little thing helps,” Jacksonville resident, Mikki Utsey, said while filling up her car Monday. 

The pause would save people a few dollars every time they filled up. A small number, but it could add up given the length of the pause that could take effect. 

“I would like to see at least a year to really give people some relief because people are hurting all over the city,” said City Councilmember LeAnna Cumber.

Cumber is leading the creation of the new gas tax holiday bill. She said the money from the gas tax can be backfilled with COVID relief money the city is expected to receive in June.

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